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Automotive Photograph by AHFAR Photography.

Scroll over image to see title and more about the photograph. Click on image to enlarge. All photographs available in black and white.

Automotive: Spokes & Chrome

I inherited many things from my father: gray eyes, outgoing personality, silly sense of humor, and a love for classic cars. Ever since I was a young girl my dad has been taking me to car shows, teaching me how to spot the differences in 1950s Chevys, and instilling in me a nostalgia for an age I had never known.

This series started out as a game: I would photograph a car at a unique, cropped angle and see if my dad could guess what year, make and model it was (it was never very challenging for him). Over the years, this ongoing series has blossomed from a mere game into a refreshingly different creative outlet for me and my photography, as well as a tribute to some of the great times I had with my dad. 

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