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Fine art photographs created by AHFAR Photography.

Scroll over image to see title and more about the photograph. Click on image to enlarge. Scroll to bottom of page to read series artist statemtent.

As an artist, I personally enjoy having slight uncontrollable aspects in the photographic process. This is why I like to experiment with different techniques and cameras to create my fine art pieces. One example is the photographic process of printing in a darkroom, where there is always a bit of uncontrollable aspects that can result in what I like to call “happy accidents.” The process is much more tactile than digital photography and leaves room for these happy accidents to make unique, one-of-a-kind images. Like reality, these photographs were not forced or controlled, they were merely guided in a certain direction and left up to chance that they might come together to create something beautiful. Happy accidents happen every day, you just have to be patient enough and willing to let go of control for a moment to notice them.

 Fine Art

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